Cartoons about teaching English as a foreign language

I came to Milan at the beginning of the 1990’s and taught English as a foreign language. My early teaching years correspond with my period of greatest cartoon productivity. These are the cartoons from this period of my life from the list under the “cartoons about teaching English” page.

Below is an example. This is one of the first ones I did. A lot of these cartoons are about what being a teacher is like: the saintly behaviour you have to display towards your students, the frustration and boredom seething below the surface, and the endless opportunities for embarassment. I actually enjoyed teaching a lot, although you’d never know it from these cartoons.

This cartoon is about a typical moment of distraction during class.


The evening lesson

This cartoon is about the popular after working hours in-company lesson. This is drawn from direct experience. Notice how everyone is smoking their heads off – those were the days! (I admit Ithe-evening-lesson-small quit smoking when it became not fun to smoke in public any more.)